Commitment to Accessibility

Muncie & Matton, P.C. has taken the steps to review our site to make it accessible to users using screen readers or assistive technology to view the site. All forms on the Muncie & Mattson, P.C. are logical and use titles to be read by assistive technology or screen readers. The site features a toggle bar and high contrast option easily accessible on each page.

Alt Tags

All images and or videos used on the website use alt tags to describe the image with the exclusion of the words “image of” or “graphic of” and accurately describe the image or video displayed.

Skip Navigation

Muncie & Mattson, P.C. website utilizes skip links for assistive technology or screen readers to jump from the main navigation to the content of the page.


All content is nested properly in its correct heading element for assistive technology or screen readers to navigate the page.